Our faces are what we first present to the world. Facials, on a regular basis will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote and strengthen skin tone, cleanse congested skin (extractions included if needed), revitalize and rejuvenate skin texture, relieve stress in your face, cause your skin to be smooth, supple and radiant!

The Day Spa Of Ojai Signature Deluxe European Facial

The power of seaweed and essential oils blend together to detoxify and rebalance your skin in this luxurious facial. Extractions as well as an exfoliation made from Pineapple Peel & Burdock Root help clear your skin of impurities. Your mind and body can’t help but feel better with a relaxing massage to your upper body and head combined with lower legs and feet. You will see immediate results with improved skin texture, color and a glowing complexion. This is the ultimate facial experience!

1 hour 30 mins … $168.00
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Karin Herzog Anti-Aging Glycolic-Oxygen Spa Facial

NBC’s “Dateline” conducted a study to test claims made by the skin-care industry regarding increasing oxygen levels in the skin. The only product proven to work was Herzog’s Vita-A-Kombi Cream. This facial is the “approved Herzog Oxygen Facial”. What will it do for you? There is absolutely no pain involved with this glycolic, yet it provides you with an excellent hydrating, anti-wrinkle & anti-aging treatment. You will notice a dramatic difference immediately!

90 mins … $173.00
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Those wishing to continue a series of glycolic-oxygen facials, please talk to our Skin Specialist regarding time and cost.

The Anti-Aging Facial

This customized ‘natural’ approach to skin renewal will be immediately noticed by the softening of wrinkles and the
obvious appearance of nourishment to your skin. Included are deep cleanings, exfoliation and extractions all with the use of powerful ocean algae and essential oils. Blend that with a strong dose of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids for anti-inflammatory repair! A soothing mask coupled with a relaxing massage to your head, neck, shoulders and feet are all part of this anti-aging facial!

1 hour … $120.00
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NOTE: Clinical studies by Consumer Product Testing Laboratory have shown a home maintenance program using these products for 120 days improve wrinkles by 55%, increase firmness by 55%, improve skin moisture by 54%, overall skin clarity by 45% and the skin was measurably shown to be less sensitive. All this is done without irritating the skin. A safe and 100% natural alternative to a more youthful skin.

For those wishing to take “anti-aging” treatments a step further during their facial, an awesome “add-on” available is…

The Enzymatic Peel

We suggest that anyone not having had a facial within the last 3 weeks, add this to their facial! This pineapple based product will provide a ‘natural’, gentle, yet extremely effective deeper exfoliation that removes the dead cells that clog pores and causes congestion in your skin. Its calming effect will leave your skin silky smooth and deeply cleansed!

15 mins … $25.00
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The Day Spa of Ojai Gentleman’s Facial

This is for the man who wants the ultimate in Spa results as well as the Spa ‘escape’. Rest assured that
your facial is formulated to meet the personal needs of your skin as well as having been especially
designed for men. The Skin Specialist also performs a thorough ear, brow and nose grooming. You will be pleased with your skin’s deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and the revitalization of your skin’s appearance.

75 mins … $142.00
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The Glyco-Rose Facial

For those with little time who need just a quick yet revitalizing facial, this is the answer! (No Extractions.) Glycolic, coupled with oxygen, acts as an exfoliate which will reveal a fresher more radiant skin. Acupressure and the inclusion of Rose essential oils during this facial, help to relieve the tension in one’s face … this is an amazing little facial!

30 mins … $75.00
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Spa Mini Face Refresher

This service may be added to any body treatment. You will receive a cleansing along with a form of
concentrated seaweed that is combined with essential oils, a mask and an appropriate day crème with an Organic SPF. Truly a ‘refresher’ that will complete any body treatment!  No extractions.

30 mins … $68.00

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Ultrasound Facial

This skincare treatment works with waves of sound into the skin sufficient to disintegrate cellular waste and weak cells.  A creative destruction…Great for Aging, pigmentation blotches, Acne and Rosacea.  A series of 4-6, two times per year is recommended for dramatic visible effect.

 75 mins … $140.00
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Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion provides many benefits!  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles-perfect for aging skin, smoothes rough textured and sun damaged skin, collagen stimulating and creates a youthful glow.  Minimal side affects but necessary to stay out of the sun with SPF!  Series specials are available.

6textured and sun damaged skin, collagen stimulating and creates a youthful glow.  Minimal side affects but necessary to stay out of the sun with SPF!  Series specials are available.  Our “up-keep” treatment does not include extractions or mask.

30 minute “up-keep” treatment…$75.00
60 minute treatment…$140.00
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Teen Facial

This facial includes a gentle unclogging of pores with steam.  We focus on exfoliation and extractions to provide balance for the hormonal skin.  A valuable homecare education and specialized facial for the teens’ specific needs and skin requirements.  Not for adults.

45 minute treatment…$70.00
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