Welcome to The Day Spa of Ojai

We invite you to reconnect with your spirit within…

Our mission is to offer a place of tranquility and rejuvenation. A place where one can come to mend … to rest their body and their mind. A quiet place to reconnect with the spirit within.

We will do all we can to make you feel comfortable … to take care of you… to help bring you back to an energized feeling of well being.

The therapists at The Day Spa of Ojai are highly trained to recognize and apply our various treatments and products to your specific needs. The professional and personalized skin analysis and recommendations you will receive at The Day Spa of Ojai are simply not available at your local department or drug store. We take pride on being able to include these services and products for you.

Family owned and operated since January 1998. The Day Spa of Ojai has been under the care and ownership of Kim Wachter who has continued with her mothers vision, Lola Vance, with love and honor. Kim’s Chumash Native American heritage has influenced the continuing tradition of The Day Spa of Ojai in providing a place to rest, restore and heal one’s body, mind and spirit.

Carly M.

...It was a dream. Felt like a million and the staff is so friendly and welcoming...

Amy Smith

...It's no doubt part of what I look forward to when planning my getaway. The prices are affordable, the treatments are indulgent, and the service has been great...

Kat R.

I was looking for a spa that resonated with my body and I saw that this spa is honoring the Chumash land it’s on by bringing in that energy to the name of some of their treatments. It’s such a welcoming space energetically and the hallway leading to the treatment rooms feels otherworldly. I’m definitely going back over and over again.

Catherine A.

...Right now life is as stressful as ever and they do their best to always make my experience amazing . I drive 3 hours to get to them and I have never been disappointed...

Marty C.

...Kim did an amazing job with my facial. I loved how willing she was to listen to my skin concerns and lengthy product regimen, and I walked out with my skin absolutely glowing! I always do a ton of research before I go to any skincare place, and found out that Kim's Chumash heritage influences the treatments she uses, which she told me were all organic and natural. We had a great time and will be back, for sure.

Neil C.

We had a wonderful experience here! The Spa was able to accommodate us last-minute and provided us with two very nice, custom massage experiences. They are really friendly and kind, the prices are very fair, and the experience all-around was wonderful. I definitely will be back!