Day At The Spa In Ojai

During the day you will have the opportunity to experience a specially formulated marine exfoliation that will make your skin soft as silk. Your body wrap recipe will be made especially for your skins’ individual needs. Sit back, enjoy the special attention your feet will receive with our special spa foot treatment. The lavender paraffin hand treatment will help release the tension and recapture the moisture that time and the elements have taken. If there is any stress left in your body, it will float away during your full body massage. The skin on your face will be analyzed for any special needs and our skin specialist will provide you with a most wonderful and nourishing facial.  A light catered lunch can be provided for you upon request or you may take a break to eat at one of our wonderful restaurants downtown, walking distance from the Spa.  This will be a special day you will remember and think back about for a very long time. Available Monday – Friday only.

Must start at 10:00 am., approximately 6 hours … $553.00
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Ojai’s Topa Topa Pink Moment of Relaxation

If stress has gotten to you, then this treatment is just waiting for you. Stress is no match when it comes to the power from ocean algaes. You won’t have to move as your feet are treated with the seaweed, warm water, and strong hands. Your extended massage will put you in a state of bliss. Amaze yourself when you realize the tension that is being released in your hand treatment. The luxurious facial will help heal and relax your face, your head & neck … from all that you left behind.

3 hrs & 15 mins … $313.00
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Come sunset, glance at the mountains with the big bluffs … if you are lucky, the spirit of the Chumash Medicine Man will allow you to see Ojai’s Pink Moment! It is enchanting!

The Working Warrior’s Reward

The reward for the working warrior gets treated with a relaxing foot treatment. Then slip away into bliss while your back and shoulders are massaged and the tension is released. Our special warm seaweed recipe will be placed on your upper back to go deep into those sore, tight muscles. When your full body massage is over, you will definitely be ready and renewed. You’ll love every minute of this treatment!

2 hrs and 30 mins … $260.00
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The Unforgettable Ojai

Bring to mind the scents of Ojai’s orange blossoms and lavender as you enjoy the effects of your body
exfoliation. Relax your feet and lower legs as they are being treated for the stress and pain from too much standing. Bask in your personalized anti-aging facial. You will feel like and look like a new person!

3 hrs and 15 mins … $315.00
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Skin exfoliation has been around for centuries. It has been said that the Chumash people exfoliated their skin by going to the creek or mineral hot springs where they gathered the river rocks and ground them into very fine sand. They then would rub this mixture onto their body until the desired softness appeared to their skin! Let us share our way of softening your skin!

The Chumash Footprint

Experienced hands will persuade the tired feeling that is in your back and feet completely out. Warmed ocean algae will permeate those hidden sore spots leaving them mellow and pliant. Your mini face enhancer is all that you will need to feel as though your being had been touched by a soft feather of the Chumash Chief.

1 hr and 45 mins … $245.00
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The Ojai’s “Chief Peak” Sweetheart Connection

This is for you and your lover … Enjoy a relaxing foot treatment together. Let the warm water and exotic Essential Oils begin to release tension, readying each of you for the massages you will receive side by side. You may choose the amount of time you would like to have for your massages from 1 to 2 hours. Please let us know the amount of time you have chosen for your massage at the time of making your appointment.

2 hour massage for two people with a 30 minute Foot Treatment………….$457
90 minute massage for two people with a 30 minute Foot Treatment…….$388
75 minute massage for two people with a 30 minute Foot Treatment…….$356
60 minute massage for two people with a 30 minute Foot Treatment…….$325
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The Ojai Chumash Revival

Get new skin all over your entire body! Exfoliate … exfoliate … (once you have tried this you will see why we need to exfoliate our skin every few months!) We offer you our most hydrating exfoliation product from seaweed, coupled with an ocean algea body wrap which will nourish and soften as it penetrates your skin. Enjoy an extraordinary facial which will also exfoliate and promote new skin growth on your face, relax and revive you to a new point of peace of mind and well being. Dip your hands in warm wax and be amazed at how soft your hands become. The skin on your body and face will feel smoother, more beautiful, more youthful.

3 hrs … $345
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The Special Ojai Stressbuster

For any who are just too tired to read this … call… tell us your needs, your time frame and your budget. We will assist you in your choices. Then all you will need to do is allow us to indulge your body and your mind’s well-being with extraordinary service and unrivaled hospitality!